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  3. Ascension & Divine partnership teachings for modern day initiates

Sometimes it is really good during healing sessions to say things in your mother tongue as it activates the subconscious mind even deeper to bring up the repressed memory. As I zoomed in on the other person I realized he was my business partner, zooming in closer and closer I remembered he was also my brother. We had gone off to make our fortune, by searching for gold.

I felt deep betrayal that his greed for gold, had been greater than his love for me as his next of kin. He had killed me, so he did not have to share the gold and could keep it all to himself — when it had been more than enough for the both of us. The next shocking revelation was that I know this person, in this lifetime — he is my Divine counterpart and although I have seen dozens of our past lives together, I have never seen one in which he has deliberately hurt me.

He has hurt me in other ways but never this directly as I was seeing now and I could feel how much unforgiveness I felt towards him as my brother. The past life expression of me really felt, it was unforgiveable that his brother had betrayed him in such away. How could his greed have gotten the better of him? I was his blood. What is the worst way that a brother can betray his brother? The answer of course is by killing him. This story is as old as the dawn of time and one of the first most famous stories around this theme is the Biblical story of Cain and Abel.

If it surprises you that these seem to be the exact same stories over and over again, know that this is very common. The subconscious mind will continue to attract similar scenarios and similar people into your life to help you bring up this underlying trauma as you can see in my example. These were all three men that I loved and who were or felt as my next of kin to me. I have never felt deeper connected to anyone in my life and neither has he, he had told me in the past.

I also found that in the gold rush hit Montana with a big find in Grasshopper Creek in Southwest Montana. Montana actually has a rich mining history, the state is ranked as the 7th largest producer of gold in the United States by the US Geological Survey. It also turns out Moose are a common sight in Montana even now two centuries later, something I had not known either as I had only been up to Montana twice as a child for summer camp and that was decades ago. These were all things I had not known or had even been remotely interested in, prior to seeing this past life.

The subconscious memories of this past life could have something to do with that though now that I know what happened. For now allow yourself to move through that resistance because you do not want to miss what is coming next. Trust me, the information that I will share with you now is vital for both your Divine Partnership connection as well as your progression on your Ascension path.

What is interesting about this whole past life recovery is the metaphysical meaning of both the story of Cain and Abel as well as the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, which we will address later. Cain and Abel are both states of being inside of us, Cain representing the ego and Abel our soul self.

Past Perfect And Past Simple In One Sentence

The Cain side of our nature is often impatient and jealous. It takes things into its own hands. It tries to force demonstrations. It tries to make things happen even when it knows they are not right.

It kills out the spiritual guidance and seeks to force its own personal desires into expression. Instead of being willing to let go and follow the inner spiritual guidance it tries to get the Lord to do its bidding. The Cain in us goes to the Lord with many requests.


Instead of doing this we should go to the Lord with an open mind and let the Lord, the divine presence within us, fill us with the ideas that are right for us. Instead of killing each other, they need to make peace with each other and work together in order to come into a state of union within. Then there is the story of the Judas kiss that led to the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

We have been told that Judas betrayed Jesus out of greed. Thirty pieces of silver was the price for which Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, according to an account in the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament. However the Gospel of Judas a Gnostic gospel whose content consists of conversations between Jesus of Nazareth and Judas Iscariot, shows a completely different story. It was Jesus who asked Judas to betray him in order to fulfill his mission.

They believe Jesus demonstrated this path through the events in his own life in order to leave a road map for others to follow. Judas the man was innocent, but played a role in the spiritual drama of the life of Jesus to represent an evil that all spiritual aspirants must face — betrayal. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, what is true is that his story represents the Ascension process.

Ascension & Divine partnership teachings for modern day initiates

You can also say that the Christ consciousness is the state of being in which the two brothers within, Cain and Abel have found peace. We do not need to kill the ego. This story also shows us another spiritual truth and that is that on a spiritual level, everyone in your live is working towards your benefit and not your detriment. Do not confuse this to mean that what happened on a physical level is okay, because of the spiritual truth on a higher level.

There is a reason why we have laws that make acts such as murder, rape, theft, batter, incest, etc. It also never means that YOU are at fault for experiencing a dramatic or traumatic event. Just as Judas had agreed on a soul level to betray Jesus in order to allow for the spiritual drama that was meant to unfold so that Jesus could show us by example — all the stages that lead to spiritual enlightenment.

Betrayal concerns the lock between the third chakra and the fourth chakra, between the solar plexus and the heart. This lock is a complex knot right on the diaphragm. As we seek to raise the kundalini energy up into the heart chakra, it cannot pass easily through this knot because the core is very tightly veiled here. The energy dams up, circulating instead in the abdomen, unable to make it into the heart.

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The vibration of forgiveness actually dissolves the hard knot and releases the contraction, so the energy can get through to your heart. It takes more than a one-time forgiveness and is more like learning to live in a continuous state of forgiveness. Having an experience of betrayal means that we are identified with the egoic personality programs that are telling us that we are being let down, taking a loss, experiencing a breach of trust or feeling victimized by something.

When we feel as though we deserve to have our needs met, and it is not happening, we feel betrayal. Life, from our third-dimensional perspective, has a tendency to dish out both major and minor betrayals. The diaphragm is one of the main places where we hold our energy in contraction because of childhood wounding—wounding based on betrayal. As you clear and release feelings of betrayal and loss, you may find the diaphragm area softening.

It is releasing tension and tightness. The diaphragm is the first muscle that begins contracting in the body of a newborn baby. When babies cry and scream and sob, it is the diaphragm that is working and beginning to tense and contract. So, much of our early childhood losses are stored in the diaphragm area. Tension in the diaphragm area blocks the kundalini energy from flowing freely into the heart chakra, preventing us from accessing the higher emotions such as forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, and joy. Thus, as long as the early childhood wounding remains in place, we are unable to love as much as we are capable of —with far-reaching ramifications to our lives.

As we begin to work on forgiving betrayals, the diaphragm plays a big part in the releasing associated with this key, indicating that it is the infant particularly that holds on to resentment, grudges, and old wounding. This is mainly because most infant programming has been forgotten. So our focus for this chapter is moving beyond victim consciousness, which is perhaps the biggest issue facing humanity at this time.

Victim consciousness and its opposite, the tyrant, are holding the whole world back from ascending into the new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness. As we unlock the betrayal knot associated with victim consciousness, we take a giant step forward in moving beyond the polarities of victim—tyrant, of power—powerlessness, of win—lose, and into the paradigm of love and of win—win consciousness.

The thick, rubbery muscle of the diaphragm, separating the chest from the abdomen, is the physical representation of the density of the consciousness that keeps the two paradigms separate. It acts as a barrier between the lower three chakras which are associated with worldly consciousness, and the upper four chakras which are associated more with our spiritual nature, with unified awareness, or with higher vibratory consciousness.

The lower three chakras which are associated with worldly consciousness — Cain and the upper four chakras which are associated more with our spiritual nature — Abel. We all know that the fully raising of the kundalini energy is vital for our progression on our Ascension path and reaching spiritual enlightenment. Still it took me a little over two years of intense healing and many nights waking up having a panic attack as I got closer and closer to unraveling all these wounds of betrayal from this lifetime as a child and from the past life with my Divine counterpart as my brother that had indeed created a tight knot exactly as described above.

At this time my abdomen is so bloated, I look 6 months pregnant which now makes perfect sense as all the energy has indeed dammed up in the abdomen. In the last month I gained 5 kilo out of nowhere. You can see the bulge in this side shot from my photo shoot in Dubai. When he arrived in the US in January , he had more than one hundred paintings at his disposal.

They found galleries that liked and purchased paintings, however they only took what kind of judaic themes and musician portraits. Afremov found himself forced to paint only limited themes and subjects for living. Leonid had good opportunities in New York but the cold climate affected his health. He was constantly struggling with arthritis and muscular pain caused by drastic temperature changes. In Florida, Afremov faced the same changeless like in New York, selling only certain themes and subjects that the galleries wanted and were able to sell.

They tried to sell a couple of paintings by auction and immediately received positive approval. Paintings were sold for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars and everything sold without exception. For the first time Afremov was given the opportunity to paint what he really wanted.