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It's not as if Real Madrid is exactly a team of saints, and their current captain, of all people, is quite possibly the dirtiest player in the history of Spanish football - he holds the distinction for seeing the most cards yellow or red in the Spanish La Liga, UEFA Champions League and the Spanish national team. He's not exactly known for fair play, artistry or, let's say, "class" one concept that clearly impressed the author at the club , and that doesn't stop him from being one of the faces of the club, wearing the armband and receiving the adulation of their fans.

Of course, those caveats are never mentioned in the book. In any case, although I may sound overly critical, be assured that I actually recommend reading the book - if anything due to the relative scarcity of good books about the sport. In particular, I think that the importance of "culture" or "values" at football clubs, although on occasions intuitively understood by fans or club officials, isn't formalised or brought forward often enough as a potential competitive advantage, and there are many clubs around the world I think of my own that could learn important lessons here.

Other side discussions as the "too-old-and-tired effect" are also quite interesting. By all means, do read the book, but take everything with a pinch of salt.

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I worry that the gullible reader who's still being introduced to the sport as I imagine a part of the intended American audience to look like might take too much of it at face value - just like I probably would, if I were to read a book on, I don't know, a NFL franchise. One could say, however, that the author's praise of Real Madrid and Florentino Perez has been vindicated by their subsequent continuing success in the UEFA Champions League - the club is definitely deserving of study, I'm not just convinced this was sufficiently objective as intended.

Jul 12, Cory rated it liked it. As a disclaimer, I vehemently despise Real Madrid. This author was in love with everything Real Madrid.

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I'll be the first to tell you that Real Madrid has set up a beautiful system that has brought them extreme success. However, the author creates this picture that they are a morally superior team who invests in players that are only going to be on their best behavior and always represent the club well. As I read that in the book, I considered their roster over the past few years, and thought of As a disclaimer, I vehemently despise Real Madrid.

As I read that in the book, I considered their roster over the past few years, and thought of Pepe who is one of the dirtiest defenders playing the game today.

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I also thought of Benzema who has been in a few fiascos that bring negativity to Real Madrid. So I debate the claim that Real Madrid is a morally superior team. I would have enjoyed this book more, if the author wouldn't have pretended that he was being unbiased, as it was very clear that he was a huge supporter of Real Madrid. In the first chapter he makes the claim that he was never given tickets to any Real Madrid games while writing the book. While this might be true to a degree, he later goes on to say how he sat in the presidential suite for games.

I do have to give the book credit in the way that it analyzes culture in the game, as I feel that is a large part of Real Madrid's success in recent times. So after all is considered, this book gets a 3. This book was different than I expected but from the bad side. I have expected an objective Steven G. Mandis opinion based on solid facts and statistics. But all what I read was grabbing for Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, and endless tread about the community and culture of the club. For the later two, I mean all the highest level soccer clubs have committed fans community and high sport culture inside the team.

These two are inseparable, otherwise you could play in the fourth national This book was different than I expected but from the bad side. These two are inseparable, otherwise you could play in the fourth national league and drink beer after the match. Therefore, under the mine opinion the book is short of more objective author's insights about success factors of Real Madrid.

Nov 27, Gheorghe Cazacu rated it really liked it. This book is an essential guide to Real Madrid world.

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The strong point of the book is the fact that the author uses comparative perspective when he discusses football soccer and compares it with American team sports. Also, usage of data is a very good idea when the author explained various aspects in the book. The weak point of the book is the fact that the author had discussed too much about Perez. I recommend this book to everybody who wants to know more about Real Madrid C.

Jul 30, Tai Kaku rated it it was ok. The book gives you a look at Real Madrid from the business side.

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It focuses mainly on the presidency of Florentino Perez and how they turned a club deeply in debt into a global brand. It should be noted that while you get a great deal of insight, the book might as well have been written by Florentino Perez himself. It glosses over a lot of his poor decisions and the book ends with the author praising the hire of Rafa Benitez he turned out to be a disaster. Apr 22, Trent rated it liked it Shelves: football.

Informative, it provides a good history of the club and the titular culture. However, it often relies too much on culture, which can be difficult to measure and use for objective comparison. It also leans too much on Florentino Perez. Even as a Madridista, I feel it fanboys Perez a tad bit much. With that in mind, I would still recommend the book for both the Madridista and the casual soccer fan regardless of whether you follow La Liga or not.

Real Madrid Everything is a bit messed up and put at the same level. At least, it gets clear that the author is a fan of Zidane.

The book focuses on the business side of the club. Yet, everything objectionable is whitewashed and if not very clean simply removed. Corruption, tax payer money, state and local government power, all this make the numbers Mandis spits proudly useless. Jul 11, Owen rated it really liked it.

A very good look at the business side of Real Madrid. How they try to focus on culture of the team and the fans. Values to build the entire community. I was skeptical, but found this book to be very enjoyable! Jan 14, Andrew Langert rated it liked it.

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This book is an in-depth look at Real Madrid, the esteemed professional soccer franchise. Real Madrid is viewed through the eyes of an American.

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