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Matt yelled, "Get back. The whole thing could blow. Move away. People scattered. Call an ambulance, fire department and police. Not only would that get the help needed, it would also remove the boys from danger. Walking back to help Doc, Matt couldn't believe the damage spread out in the sand. The sand, still smoking was strewn with various debris.

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A little up the beach the Chevy van was ripped apart. One side was torn off and thrown along the beach with the remaining carcass, half filled with firewood, still flaming. It was now a pile of twisted, burning metal. A rectangular depression in the sand between the van and the water's edge was close to five feet long and, Matt guessed, a foot deep. It looked newly dug. Logs and sawdust were strewn away from this depression in a radial pattern.

What could have caused this carnage?

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  • Matt considered the van's gas tank, if it still held fuel, this was no place for a crowd of curious spectators. He began clearing them away, a task made easier by the intense heat from the fiery van. Matt kept at them and had moved most of them back to a safe distance as the police arrived. Once he saw them, he headed up the beach to help Doc. Severe lacerations and he's losing a lot of blood. There are some bones broken and I'm sure he's torn up pretty badly inside. That must have been some explosion. It really beat these guys up. I'm going on ahead to prepare the equipment and support staff I'll need.

    Don't waste any time getting him moved. He may not last long! The fire truck arrived at almost the same time as the ambulance. Matt directed paramedics to the injured man and passed on Doc's instructions. He walked back to the still burning van where the firefighters were spraying carbon dioxide. Scanning the area, he could see some logs had been cut into short, wood-stove lengths with chain saws.

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    Seeing wood half filling the van, he felt confident assuming the men really were wood cutters. That explained what they were doing on the beach, Matt thought, but what could have caused the explosion? He scanned for some clue. He looked particularly for a fuel can which could have held chain saw gasoline.

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    The saws themselves should be here someplace, too. With siren wailing, the ambulance took off at high speed. Totally engrossed in the destruction, Matt hadn't even noticed the stretcher being carried past. Matt deduced, a spark from the chain saws could have ignited the gasoline in a fuel can. This, in turn, likely set off the fuel in the van's tank.

    If his deduction was right, there should be some remains of the saws or gas cans. There were none to be found. The crowd of curious began leaving and the police, busy until now with crowd control, were trying to find out who the downed men were and what they were doing on the beach. Moving around among people left, they questioned anyone with information to offer. One approached Matt. I've talked to some of the people here. I understand you were one of the first to arrive.

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    An older couple came over to the deputy. Were there any cars going by or parked on the road? Doc Johnson is at the hospital with the other man. You can catch him there. Looks like the fire department has the blaze under control. Matt went back to get his car. Walking along the beach he and Doc had walked not more than half an hour ago, he tried to fit pieces of the puzzle together. They were there, but he couldn't make a clear picture. Well, today was a workday and Matt had a patrol to complete. He headed back to the base to take his cutter out into the Strait to start his daily patrol sweep.

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